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The Value of Everything: Cryptocurrencies and Communism

E. 140
After some technical difficulty, I join my friend Charles Owen on episode 140 of The Value of Everything to discuss the state of the global economy. We also delve into the prospects of positive social change emerging from cryptocurrencies, council communist political philosophy, and Karl Marx’s theory of revolution.

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*Additionally, I had forgotten to link to a previous episode recorded at the end of 2017, wherein Charles and I analyze the major news items of the year.

The Value of Everything: Council Communism vs. Anarcho-Syndicalism

VoE 127

Arguing the best path forward for the proletariat.

On episode 127 of The Value of Everything Charles Owen moderates a debate between myself and the Australian anarcho-syndicalist theorist Benjamin Smith. Among other subjects, we address our respective theories of revolution, industrial unionism, the labor theory of value, universal basic income, and the free rider problem.

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Council Communism vs. Anarcho-Capitalism Debate: Property and Exploitation


Is private property defensible? Can stateless capitalism be exploitative?

The first part of my debate with Charles Owen was recently released on The Value of Everything podcast, and has since been edited by my comrades at the Friedrich Engels Institute for Scientific Socialist Research. Before beginning this episode, however, I recommend listening to our preliminary discussion, wherein Charles and I briefly outline our respective political philosophies.

In this part of the series, we debate the legitimacy of private property and discuss whether or not wage labor is an exploitative practice. The second part of our series will be recorded in the coming weeks and released sometime thereafter.

If this exchange should elicit any questions you’d like to put forward, please feel free to comment below and I’ll do my utmost to provide a swift reply.

Click here to download or stream the recording via SoundCloud.

The Value of Everything: Forecasting Trumpism


What might we expect from a Trump or Clinton presidency?

In the latest episode of The Value of Everything, I join my friend Charles Owen to discuss Donald Trump and the future of the United States’ polity.

As Charles explains in the introduction, some of the content is going to sound dated, as a consequence of our exchange having been recorded in October. Nevertheless, the preponderance of our talk remains relevant, and we touch on a number of other topics as well (e.g., “cultural Marxism,” anarchism, and contending theories of capitalist crises).

Those awaiting our debate will, unfortunately, have to wait a little longer. The first half has been recorded, but my increasingly demanding schedule has interfered with my ability to set aside adequate time to finish the episode. But rest assured, it shall happen.

I encourage listeners to subscribe to the podcast’s YouTube channel, if you enjoy Charles’s material.

Marxism as an Instrument of Bourgeois Ideology: A Reply to Ellerman

Has Marxism contributed to the perpetuation of capitalism?

Saviors of the Bourgeoisie?

My latest paper is a response to David Ellerman’s 2010 “Marxism as a Capitalist Tool,” The Journal of Socio-Economics, Vol. 39, pp. 696-700. I invite those interested in reading it to download the paper either here or on my profile.

Has Marxism inadvertently contributed to the perpetuation of the capitalist mode of production? David Ellerman answers in the affirmative. In this paper I endeavor to demonstrate that Ellerman’s position stems from a fundamental misunderstanding of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels’s critique of capital.

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