“Ars longa, vita brevis”

The Value of Everything: Rivers of Blood

VoE 119

Populism and the divide between fascist and communist radicalism.

In this episode of The Value of Everything, Charles Owen and I discuss the potential consequences of Brexit, the ascent of Jeremy Corbyn and revival of Old Labour, British populism, and the extensive history of the communist and fascist movements’ mutual hostility.

Download the episode here or stream it on YouTube.

(The entire series of dialogues between Charles and I can be accessed here.)


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2 thoughts on “The Value of Everything: Rivers of Blood

  1. Marko L. on said:

    Interesting discussion. There is a very real possibility that the present circumstance of global capitalism is such that it will reconstitute itself along the lines of the 1930s or perhaps the status quo that existed prior to the First World War. This is especially true for Europe, where a dissolution of the European Union in the midst of serious economic and demographic crises would almost certainly lead to the resurgence of fascism. I do not believe that it is hyperbolic to suggest that we are entering a revolutionary era. The Left, having lost all credibility due to decades of fixation with inane social theories and enfeebled by reactionary attacks on the labor movement, must be reforged. When that time comes, it will be good to have worthy comrades at one’s side.

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