“Ars longa, vita brevis”

The Value of Everything: The Logic of Cybernetic Anarcho-Capitalism


A modern libertarian vision.

Charles Owen and I switch roles in episode 103 of The Value of Everything, and I conduct an interview with him examining his political philosophy. Charles is a proponent of a capitalistic stateless society, socially organized along voluntaryist ethics (chiefly the non-aggression principle) and economically grounded in a decentralized blockchain network. Those critical of propertarianism can still learn much from his arguments, as the mode of production he advocates differs considerably from conventional models of anarcho-capitalism.

In a forthcoming episode, Charles and I will debate our respective political philosophies, but we hope to continue our dialogue on other topics into the future.

Click here to download episode #103.


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2 thoughts on “The Value of Everything: The Logic of Cybernetic Anarcho-Capitalism

  1. Marko L. on said:

    Interesting stuff. While I can appreciate his idiosyncratic adaptations of anarcho-capitalism, appropriating technological innovations to aid in the realization of his fundamental principles,  it does not shake my conviction in the superiority of communism in the slightest. Ultimately, his reasoning differs little from more conventional propertarian strains, all of which we can assail with vengeance using our own ethical and political principles and the knowledge accruing to us from scientific socialism, but I do find value in having a radically alternative vision of society presented to me in comprehensive fashion using logic and reason. This high level of theoretical inquiry does stimulate my intellect in a most exciting manner. I very much look forward to the actual debates between you gentlemen.

    • Thank you, Marko.

      Like yourself, I find Charles’s model intriguing on an abstract level, but nevertheless fundamentally inconsistent with the values I espouse as a communist. I sincerely admire his willingness to think beyond the narrow parameters other anarcho-capitalist dogmatists set for themselves, and believe he and I, as well as listeners of his podcast, will benefit from the debate we’re preparing.

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