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Interview on The Value of Everything

The Value of Everything 101

Where are we headed?

Charles Owen and I have recently come into contact with one another and agreed to record a series of dialogues and debates for his thought-provoking podcast The Value of Everything. Charles’s theoretical background is in classical and Austrian economics, and he espouses a libertarian political philosophy which is rather unique in orientation. I encourage everyone to visit his website, subscribe to the show’s YouTube channel, and listen to the catalog of episodes.

In our first exchange, Charles and I conjecture on the future of world affairs. Among other things, we discuss the global economic crisis, the ascent of political populism, and the prospects for social change.

Click here to download the interview. (Please excuse my gaffes and pauses, it’s my  first time being recorded for a podcast.)


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2 thoughts on “Interview on The Value of Everything

  1. Marko L. on said:

    Good discussion (or “debate”). The host was cordial and receptive to different viewpoints, and I think that productive dialogue can transpire between Marxists like us and open-minded proponents of “classical and Austrian” economics like him. I look forward to any future exchanges between the two of you.

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