“Ars longa, vita brevis”

Inaugural Post

I would have preferred writing something unique to mark the beginning of this enterprise, but alas, I was unable to conceive of a novel approach to take. Thus I am forced to adopt the terrible cliché of simply introducing myself to you, dear reader.

To summarize, I am an egalitarian with misanthropic tendencies; an atheist envious of those capable of believing in divinity; a Europhile who detests non-American accents (despite being told I have a suspiciously non-American accent myself); a ‘pessimist of the intellect, but an optimist of the will,’ to paraphrase Gramsci. And lest you think these paradoxes are indicative of a lack of seriousness on my part, I assure you that I am not the sort of individual to formulate opinions impetuously.

(In the interest of not exhausting your patience, I shall refrain from providing you with the minutiae of my lifeyou will learn more in the course of reading future posts anyway.)

This blog will contain random ponderings and serious analysis from a heterodox Marxist perspective. No topic is off limits. I invite you to participate in the comment section, but be forewarned: reactionary twaddle will not be tolerated.

And with that, it begins..


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